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SHTL Elite Wordsmithing is our highest tier book writing service. You will be paired with a high-level ghostwriter who will work with you to develop your idea, write and publish the best possible book.


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The SHTL Elite Wordsmithing Experience

We have a proven, proprietary process that has helped thousands of high level authors write their books.

Author Strategy & Book Validation

Before we begin working together, we have to make sure you have a good book in you—one that’s viable for publishing. We’ll dive deep into your book idea, your intended audience, and the impact your book will have on your reader, on you, and on your business. We will also understand the constraints on your time, gauge how much research or other assistance your book will require, and scope out everything it will take to ensure you are able to produce the best possible book with our assistance. Note that this is not a sales call. Not every book is right for this program. If we’re not a good fit to work together in this program, we will happily refer you to a service or company that can meet your needs.

Selection of Your Publishing Team

To begin the process, we’ll put you with a Publishing Manager. They will be your main point of contact during the book process and will be responsible for ensuring your book is as good as possible and publishes on time. Anything you need, it’s their job to make happen. We will also select your ghostwriter, based on your book idea. We’ll select a ghostwriter with extensive experience in your area of expertise—one who brings a lot to your book, pairs well with you, and effectively can write in your voice. If you choose, your ghostwriter can also fly to you to conduct your interviews and edits.

Manuscript Revisions

Once your ghostwriter has a rough draft in your voice, you will read the book and do one full round of revisions. This usually entails you reading a few chapters at a time, making notes, and doing a call with your ghostwriter to go over the revisions. Again, if you choose, your ghostwriter can come to you to do the revisions. .

Book Design

The same team that has created covers for 21 NYT & WSJ bestsellers designs your book inside and out. It starts with you telling us what you envision for your book. Our team will align your creative ideas with your book content to complete a design brief. We will create several different design comps and present them to you. The final say on all design decisions rests with you. We will also design a professional interior for your book to ensure it looks and feels how you desire.

Publishing & Distribution

Your Publishing Manager will work with you to determine your distribution goals and retail channels. If you want the broadest distribution possible—Amazon,, and as many international platforms as possible—we will provide the best options for you, handle all account and file creation, and make sure your book is prepared for launch.


We will also create an audiobook using a professional voice actor and top of the line studio production. We will also handle all setup and distribution of the audiobook.
Interviewing & Ghostwriting
Our professional ghostwriters will work with you in a customized manner, adapting to your needs and wants. But the basic process entails these steps: North Star & Roadmap Your ghostwriter begins by creating the “North Star” of your book. This is a process by which we position your book, both for you and in your desired market, by establishing these things:
  1. Clearly articulate what your book is about
  2. Define exactly who your audience is
  3. Understand precisely why that audience will care about your book
  4. Specifically outline how your book will impact you and your audience
You can think of this like a business plan for your book. If necessary, the ghostwriter will help you develop the ideas and do research to ensure the book works. Once the book is properly positioned, your ghostwriter will create the book’s “Roadmap.” This is similar to an outline in that it will help you define your ideas, sharpen your thinking, and lay the foundation for your book. Content Interviews Your ghostwriter will then use this Roadmap as the guide to interview you. These interviews lay the foundation for your book and get all of your content, stories, knowledge, and wisdom out of your head and onto a recording. This is the core of the ghostwriting experience, and these calls can and may extend over a few weeks. It is the ghostwriter’s job to get the content out of you and then turn it into a book, and to do that, they will need as much of your knowledge as possible.

Who Should Use SHTL Elite Wordsmithing Services?

  • People writing non-fiction books
  • People whose books fall within the broad genres of business or personal development, oriented towards an entrepreneurial audience
  • People who want to write their book but don’t have time to do it themselves and need help
  • People who want to employ the services of a high-level ghostwriter
  • People who want to invest in a serious book with wide distribution and media attention
  • People who want to write a novel or fictional book
  • People who don’t know why they want to write a book
  • People who want this service, but have a limited budget

It’s time to write your book. We can help

If you’re serious about writing and publishing your non-fiction book this year, simply schedule a free consultation call with one of our Author Strategists. We’ll discuss your book idea and see if it makes sense for us to work together.

Your book idea doesn’t have to be solidified—part of the process is to refine and perfect the idea. We just need to know what you are thinking right now and how it can help your business.

Full Book Launch

We’ll create a custom marketing plan that will be specifically suited to leverage your book to get the results you want.

Starting with your goals, we work backward to identify the ideal outlets, messages, and tactics to use to spread your message, and we’ll lay out the plan into a clear week-by-week strategy.

This strategy will be custom to you, but generally, it will have these elements:

Magazine Contributor
We will craft 15+ concepts from the book that can stand alone as valuable articles. Our writing team will use these excerpts to write content to share with the media. All of this content will be sent to you for approval. We will also publish this content on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others, where you will be a VIP Contributor.

Podcast Booking
We will book several interviews on podcasts and radio shows for you to share your ideas.

Media Profiles
We’ll pitch journalists and bloggers to write stories on the content in the book and reference you in their stories.

Influencer Copies
One of the most important ways that books spread is through influencers.

Before the launch, we help you identify influencers in your network who might be able to help support the book, craft email templates for you to reach out to them, and send them advance copies of your book.

Furthermore, we will use our own network of influencers and research relevant people in your target market, and mail out books to them as well.

Social Media Graphics & Distribution
We design social media banners for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as custom graphics for your book announcement, book launch, and quote images to post on an ongoing basis.

We will also create a social media calendar for consistent promotion of your book on your social media channels. This will include visual assets, quote images, and promotion of your written content.

Press Kit
We create a full media kit for your book, including media hooks, a book summary, your professional assets, and other tools to make covering the book as easy as possible for the media.

Book Launch Week
We coordinate our efforts to maximize the impact of your launch week, focusing on maximizing attention, sales, and reviews. In addition to emailing your LinkedIn connections and hosting you on the Author Hour podcast, we also publish an excerpt of the book to our Book Bites publication and coordinate open media opportunities to land during launch week.

Amazon Reviews
Throughout the first week, we also focus on maximizing early reviews. We leverage our Insider’s List to send early reviewers for the book and send them free copies, and we help you share free copies of the book with your closest friends and family to ask for support.

Media Outreach
We pitch targeted journalists to cover you and your book. For those interested, we mail them a free copy of the book, along with your media kit, and we’ll professionally follow up in order to secure articles. We also help them come up with potential story angles and ideas revolving around your book.

Content Publication & Guest Posts
We also focus on sharing the book’s ideas through your own content. Using the articles created earlier, we submit guest posts to various blogs and media outlets, and publish some content on your own channels. We also create a schedule to consistently share quote images on your social media in order to stay top of mind with your connections.

Paid Ads
We will use advertisements on two different platforms to raise the visibility of your book and sell copies. These will primarily be on Amazon.

Throughout this process, we will send you a weekly progress report on media coverage, new opportunities, and discussions in progress. At the end of our work together, you’ll receive a full coverage report highlighting relevant statistics for all the media attention the book has received.

How it works

SHTL’s Top-notch Ghostwriting Services

Custom $70K Minimum Investment - What’s Included


We will set up all your distributor and retailer accounts in your name. This means you will own all your own intellectual property, rights, and royalties.



Our ghostwriters have written or edited New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA Today bestsellers, and some have been recognized by winning Emmy Awards and Pulitzer Prizes. All are experienced, professional ghostwriters who have spent decades writing dozens of major books with high level people.

We have many different ghostwriters, and will work with you to pair you with the exact right fit, depending on your needs. Furthermore, if you choose, your writer can fly to you and do your interviews in person.



Once your ghostwriter completes your manuscript to your satisfaction, we will do all the publishing and distribution services. This includes designing a beautiful cover, laying out the book interior, and writing all the marketing copy.

Your book will be available in all relevant places books are sold—Amazon,, Apple iBooks, etc.



As part of this program, you will get a complete PR and media campaign starting prior to launch and lasting a minimum of three months. This will include a major PR push, podcast guest booking, guest posts on major sites, and much more.



We will also create an audiobook using a professional voice actor and top of the line studio production. We will handle all setup and distribution of the audiobook.

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